Dionicio Jimenez

Chef Way Dionicio Jimenez typically tops these soupy beans with homemade chicharrones (deep-fried pork skins), then serves them alongside grilled steak.Easy Way These chorizo-studded beans are so hearty and deeply flavored that they can be a main course. Instead of making chicharrones, use store-bought fried pork rinds as a salty, crispy garnish. More Bean Recipes
Salmon in Tomato-Olive Sauce
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Chef Way Dionicio Jimenez serves his luscious salmon in a tomato sauce spiked with olives, capers and pickled jalapeños. The accompaniment: Mexican rice flavored with carrots, green beans and corn.Easy Way Skip the Mexican rice; the sauce for the salmon is so delicious, it's perfect spooned over yellow rice. More Salmon Recipes
Chef Way Dionicio Jimenez serves the shrimp head-on, alongside Mexican rice.Easy Way Buy shrimp without the heads on, and ask your fishmonger to butterfly the shrimp for you. More Shrimp Recipes