David Rosengarten

Korean Barbecued Pork
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In Korea, this recipe, known as toejigogi kui, is made with pork belly, but it's equally delicious—and much leaner—when prepared with pork loin. And it's great for a Friday night meal because the pork can marinate all day while you're at work and can be on the table soon after you get home. To save time, have your butcher slice and pound the pork cutlets. Plus:  More Pork Recipes and Tips 
The big and messy sausage-and-pepper hero is a staple of every Italian American street fair. This neater version—made with smaller rolls and sausage halves—is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner at home and requires little cleanup.
It's amazing how flavorful and crispy a store-bought rotisserie chicken can become when basted with butter and a few Indian spices. It's especially delicious served with a cooling raita. (Be sure to salt the vegetables for the raita before you start preparing the chicken: They can be draining while you cook.) Quick Chicken Recipes