David Bouley

Won Best New Chef at: Bouley
Chef Way: David Bouley uses a mix of wild mushroom scraps to infuse the pine-nut sauce that tops his seared trout. Easy Way: Home cooks can make a pine-nut dressing for trout, using dried porcini plumped in the microwave.
Chef Way: David Bouley pot-roasts chicken on aromatic hay in the oven; he learned the method from the legendary French chef Roger Vergé, who cooked on a bed of lavender. Easy Way: For home cooks, dried chamomile flowers—loose, or in tea bags—can replace the hay Bouley uses.Before baking, Bouley seals chicken inside a pot using homemade bread dough, a very old French technique. Store-bought pizza dough works well, too. More Great Chicken Recipes
Chef Way: Bouley serves eggs en cocotte with three purees—fennel, sunchoke, and polenta—plus Comté foam.Easy Way: Home cooks can pair baked eggs with cheese polenta, evoking Bouley's Comté foam with polenta puree. More Egg Dishes
Chef Way At Bouley, in New York City, David Bouley serves Long Island duckling with a sticky glaze made from chestnuts and acacia honey, as well as with wheat berries, garlic chives and gingery cabbage.Easy Way Streamline the recipe by preparing just the honey-glazed duck breast and the ginger-and-garlic Savoy cabbage with chives.
"David Bouley has known me for five years, but I've known him for over 13. In 1990, for my master's thesis for journalism school, I donned chef's whites and sneaked into the kitchen at New York City's Bouley, hoping to get a firsthand glimpse of a star chef throwing tantrums. But David was all quiet concentration. He was much more talkative when we wrote his cookbook, East of Paris—amazingly so. A question about asparagus would lead to tangential stories about his childhood, his travels and his motorcycle camping trip through the desert with Lyle Lovett. He may have even cooked asparagus out there—with David, it's hard to tell," says Melissa Clark.Plus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips