Darryl Joannides

Pennette With Wild Mushrooms
Rating: Unrated
Living in Oregon, Darryl and Sarah Joannides are surrounded by wild mushrooms: shiitakes, Portobellos and oyster mushrooms are staples, and chanterelles, chicken-of-the-woods and lobsters add seasonal variety. Darryl never salts mushrooms, because they'll absorb too much of the seasoning. Instead, he uses Pecorino cheese here to flavor the dish. Fast Weekday Pastas
To Darryl Joannides, there is no vegetable more Italian than eggplant. It's fried in the south, baked in the north and treated a hundred different ways in between. Cooking it slowly on the stove brings out its sweetness and intensifies its flavor. Fast Hors d'Oeuvres