Dan Kluger

Won Best New Chef at: ABC Kitchen, New York City. Born: 1973; New York City. Experience: Union Square Cafe, Tabla and Core Club, New York City. How he started cooking: “I began my restaurant career in the front of the house at Union Square Cafe and spent my days off in the kitchen learning about cooking. Once I got going, it was hard to leave.” How he got the job at ABC: “I met ABC Kitchen co-owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the Union Square farmer’s market at the Berried Treasures stand. We were both shopping, and we started talking, and before I knew it, I was interviewing for the job.” Memorable cooking experience: Preparing the food for his own wedding. “We prepped all the food a couple of days before, then I hired chefs from Tabla to cook at the wedding. [Restaurateur] Danny Meyer was there, Floyd [Cardoz, chef at North End Grill] was there, Mike Romano [chef at Union Square Cafe] was there—so many people I look up to. To have them eating my food was really exciting. I made roast suckling pig, steamed halibut, grilled quail. My mom baked the wedding cake. Floyd couldn’t stay out of the kitchen; he kept trying to help.” Pet peeve: Young cooks who leave good jobs too quickly. “I cooked for Floyd at Tabla for seven years. I learned something even on my last day.” Favorite childhood dish: Stollen, the rich German bread filled with dried fruit. “At Christmas, my mom made tons of stollen. She also made lemon curd. It was the oddest pairing, but since I liked them both so much, I’d always stuff my face. I can remember opening my gifts with a big plate of stollen in front of me.” Cheap eat: Roast pork buns in Chinatown. “I’ll get them pretty much anyplace.” Guilty pleasure: M&M’s. “Plain or pretzel.” Ingredient obsession: “I am definitely obsessed with Sun Gold cherry tomatoes when they’re in season. I use them everywhere: raw in salads, lightly cooked in pastas and just barely warmed in broths and sauces.” Favorite kitchen tool: Microplane. “I use it to grate cheese, citrus, ginger, nuts, chocolate.” Memorable meal: First meal at New York City’s Per Se. “It was my wife, Hannah’s, birthday. I still remember the way everybody—from the back waiter to the host—looked her in her eyes and said ‘Happy Birthday!’” Favorite wine: Black Chicken Zinfandel from Napa’s Robert Biale. “Anyone who knows me well buys a bottle for me as a Christmas gift.” After-hours hangout: 8th Street Winecellar. “They make the best pork sandwich I’ve ever had, with shredded meat and spicy pickled jalapeño mayo.” Fantasy restaurant: “I’d like to do something with conveyor belts, like you see at sushi restaurants, but with a lot of the farm ingredients I use now. It would take a lot of errors out of service.” What he’d be if he weren’t a chef: A furniture maker. “I’m a hands-on guy. I’ve built four or five pieces of furniture in my life.” Favorite cookbook: Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio. Twitter heros: “Chef Sean Brock—I find that he’s always saying something interesting. I follow some fashion people too, either to learn something or to stay up on them so when I see them at the restaurant I know what’s going on. I absolutely adore Rachel Roy and Lela Rose. If I see on Twitter that Lela had a show, I can send her a note saying congratulations.” Favorite app: Chefs Feed, which compiles restaurant recommendations from chefs. “When I was in Chicago recently, it was very helpful.” Best food gift: A chitarra, a frame strung with music wire to cut fresh pasta by hand. “Usually, I don’t feel like my parents really apply themselves when it comes to presents. They’ll say, ‘What does he want? Some new underwear? A new shirt? Great.’ But one year a box showed up on my birthday, and it was a chitarra. The New York Times had done a piece on it and my dad thought it would be a cool gift for me. It was mind-blowing.”
Fully loaded with creamy fudge, salty pretzels, crunchy toffee, and chewy, bittersweet candied lemon peel, this over-the-top sundae gets drenched in homemade caramel sauce for a grown-up take on a nostalgic childhood treat served at chef Dan Kluger's Loring Place in New York City. Mix up an extra-large batch for ready-made sundaes all summer long.
A quick brine produces super-moist burgers with chin-dripping juices. The brining also helps the burgers cook faster, so flip them often to help them cook evenly and prevent charring.
In 2018, Food & Wine named this recipe one of our 40 best: When we come across a recipe that is both delicious and economical, we take notice. An eye-opener for us was the vinaigrette that chef Dan Kluger of New York City's Loring Place created for this salad, which highlights summer's juiciest and sweetest tomatoes. Kluger (who was named a Best New Chef in 2012 for his work at New York's ABC Kitchen) toasts chopped almonds in olive oil until crisp and golden. Then, instead of discarding that fragrant oil, he whisks in grated garlic, vinegar, lime juice, and a bit of sugar for a phenomenal dressing. Topped with red onion, jalapeño, mint, and basil, this dish is a total summer showstopper.
To both maximize his grill and take full advantage of summer’s exceptional produce, chef Dan Kluger combines grilled corn, grilled scallions and grilled chicken in a bright, spicy jalapeño-lime vinaigrette. Slideshow:  Summer Salads 
Dan Kluger adds crunch to this delicious shrimp and summer tomato pasta with crisp lemon-chile crumbs. Slideshow:  More Delicious Recipes Featuring Summer Produce