Curtis Stone

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone loves spending time in his garden. He often grabs vegetables like the chard here, which he braises for a quick, fresh accompaniment to meaty halibut. Slideshow:  More Halibut Recipes 
Celebrity chef Curtis Stone makes easy work of a leg of lamb, starting with it at room temperature, roasting it with fragrant rosemary and garlic and serving it with an easy pan sauce. Slideshow:  Leg of Lamb Recipes 
Maude's Vanilla Fudge
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Curtis Stone says his love for cooking began with his granny's fudge. If there wasn't any in the fridge waiting for him when he came over after school, she'd placate him by making some with him. Slideshow:  Fudge Recipes 
Celebrity chef Curtis Stone makes his delicious pasta sauce by braising duck legs in white wine with dried porcini, prosciutto and herbs.
Granny's Roasted Spuds
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Celebrity chef Curtis Stone knows his way around a potato: These are perfectly crisp and heady with the aromas of rosemary, thyme, garlic and shallots. Slideshow:  Potato Recipes 
Chicken-and-Leek Pie
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For Curtis Stone's take on a classic chicken pot pie, the chef folds sweet sliced leeks and fresh tarragon in with the creamy chicken. The store-bought puff pastry topping also simplifies the recipe enormously. Fast and Easy Chicken Recipes Comfort Food Classics