Portrait of Cinnamon Janzer
Portrait of Cinnamon Janzer

Cinnamon Janzer

Cinnamon's journalism is dedicated to broadly covering lesser-told stories from across Middle America. She also reports nationally and internationally, writing about everything from economic diversification in Appalachia to the surf economy in Central America. Cinnamon specializes in analytical, "second-day" reporting. She regularly publishes with a number of outlets including Al Jazeera, The Guardian, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, and more.

Expertise: Food, the American Midwest, social innovation

Experience: Cinnamon Janzer holds a BA in cultural anthropology and fine art from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an MA in social design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her co-written thesis work on social design and neocolonialism has been published in the journal "Design and Culture" as well as the books "Developing Citizen Designers" and "The Social Design Reader".
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