Cassidee Dabney

Corn Flour Madeleines
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Chef Cassidee Dabney uses a simple countertop electric flour mill to grind flour to order for recipes ranging from savory grits to these sweet and tender corn flour madeleines. She recommends grinding only exactly what you need for a recipe, and stirring the flour in as soon as it is milled. Prep your ingredients, then grind your flour.  “Capture that moment immediately after you grind,” Dabney urges; its essence “will appear in whatever you’re making.” For at-home milling, we recommend the Tribest Wolfgang KM-001 Grain Mill. In this recipe, humble cornbread gets an elegant upgrade inspired by the irresistible madeleines Chef Dabney serves at The Barn at Blackberry Farm near Walland, Tennessee. More finely ground than cornmeal, corn flour yields a softer, cake-like crumb while delivering the same sweet and nutty aroma.