Photo of Carlye Wisel
Photo of Carlye Wisel

Carlye Wisel

Carlye Wisel is a reporter who visited Walt Disney World on a whim and basically never left. Now the nation's leading theme park journalist, she specializes in translating interesting & unexpected Disney stories to super fans and stunned bystanders alike.

Expertise: Theme Parks, Disney, Universal, Amusement Parks, Unique Travel Experiences

Experience: Carlye Wisel has covered every inch of America's theme parks for outlets like The New York Times, Bloomberg, TIME, Travel + Leisure and dozens more with uniquely reported stories on everything from the sisterhood of "Disney Brides" to secret ride soundtracks.

Her podcast, "Very Amusing with Carlye Wisel", has become a smash hit for effortlessly fusing reporting and theme park humor with the biggest global theme park trends and news stories. And, as the go-to magazine reporter for all things Disney, Carlye also co-authored a DK Eyewitness Florida guidebook, writes a weekly column at SYFY and actively breaks news on her social media accounts, @carlyewisel.
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