Bryant Terry

Blanching and shocking the collards preserves their vibrant color in the pesto and removes the greens’ slight bitter edge. Use best-quality peanuts; their toasty, nutty flavor is the foundation of the creamy pesto.
Grub co-author Bryant Terry eats these tangy, garlicky shrimp piled high on crispy toasts, but sometimes he sandwiches them inside a quesadilla oozing with shredded Jack cheese. He recommends buying wild-caught or sustainably raised shrimp from the United States or Canada, where environmental standards are stricter than in places like Latin America and Southeast Asia. For more information on sustainable sources of shrimp, take a look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch ( More Recipes Using Sustainable Seafood
Bryant Terry likes adding Cajun flavors, such as crushed red chile pepper, chile powder, garlic and herbs, to his bell pepper-laden frittata, which he uses for open-faced sandwiches. He's a stickler about cooking with the freshest organic eggs, whole milk and vegetables. More Cajun and Creole Recipes