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Bruce Aidells’s Guinness, soy sauce and molasses marinade adds moisture and a sweet-hearty flavor to these delicious steak sandwiches. Slideshow: Great Steak Sandwiches 
Most smoked hams are sold fully cooked, so "why bake them again?" meat master Bruce Aidells asks, before answering his own question: to improve the texture and add a homemade glaze—in this case, one made with Dr Pepper soda and prunes—for extra flavor. After the ham is cooked, Aidells reduces the pan juices and tosses in prunes to make a sauce. "Glazes flavor only the outside of the ham," he says. "But you can spoon pan sauces over every slice." More Ham Dishes
This recipe makes about 1 cup of citrusy, garlicky mojo sauce, much more than enough for 2 sandwiches. Fast Pork Recipes More Sandwich Recipes
Cauliflower Pilaf
Rating: Unrated
This fragrant side dish was born out of an argument between Bruce Aidells and Nancy Oakes on whether an entire head of cauliflower could be filled like dolma, the Middle Eastern family of stuffed grape leaves and vegetable dishes. "Nancy thought it could be done; I didn't," he says. Aidells turns the idea of dolma inside out by topping a rice casserole with cauliflower florets. "I'm the lazy, more practical cook," Aidells says. "That's why Nancy has the big fancy restaurant and I have this kitchen." Slideshow: More Healthy Vegetable Dishes