Angela Garbacz

Vegan Pesto Babka
Rating: Unrated
At Goldenrod Pastries in Lincoln, Nebraska, everything is without gluten and dairy, and many pastries are vegan or nut-free. Dietary challenges led chef-owner Angela Garbacz to fall in love with what she calls “diet-inclusive baking,” and to fill her shops and her new cookbook, Perfectly Golden, with treats everyone can enjoy. This completely vegan savory babka relies on almond milk and vegetable oil for richness, while the pesto that's braided into it leans on fresh herbs, peppery arugula, and plenty of garlic for flavor. The babka dough is well hydrated, resulting in a moist loaf with a well-developed crumb. Trust us, you won’t miss the butter.
Chef Angela Garbacz’s Coconut Milk Cake has crunchy edges, a gooey, thick crumb and it just happens to vegan. Topped with pillowy whipped coconut cream and a gorgeous bright pink Strawberry Glaze, this cake is a showstopper. Garbacz loves this delicious recipe in part because of how adaptable it is.  You can use the same base recipe to make round or square cakes, loaf cakes, and cupcakes, and top it with whichever fruit, nuts, and toppings you like best. Slideshow: More Coconut Cake Recipes