Some of the world’s best beaches are minutes from world-class vineyards. F&W’s Jen Murphy names the best places to combine wine tasting with surfing, swimming, sunning and eating.

By Jen Murphy
October 01, 2009

United States Wineries by the Sea

United States

The 70-degree year-round weather makes winery-hopping especially fun in Santa Barbara County, where some tasting rooms have sandy floors and Pacific Ocean views.Australia Wineries by the Sea


Wineries in western Australia’s vast wine region grab the world’s attention with superior Cabernet and Chardonnay.Portugal Wineries by the Sea


This stretch of coast is filled with fishing villages and tiny beach towns, including Sintra, the former summer retreat of the Portuguese royal court.South Africa Wineries by the Sea

South Africa

In August, Miles Mossop of Stellenbosch’s Tokara winery organizes more than 50 local winemakers for a two-day surf contest called the Vintners Surf Classic.France and Spain Wineries by the Sea

France & Spain

Straddling both France and Spain, this region has long been synonymous with glamorous beaches, great food and hard-to-pronounce wines.