Designers are finding beautiful new uses for scraps, shards and other discards.

By Jessica Romm
September 01, 2008

Faux Paper Plates

Faux Paper Plates

Virginia Sin of Passionately Curious casts dishwasher-safe plates from a slurry of recycled paper pulp and porcelain. From $35;

Photo © Antonis AchilleosScrappy Textiles

Scrappy Textiles

Bonita Ahuja layers bits of colorful dyed silk and cotton on her “Carousel” pillows and curtains. From $180;

Photo © Bonita AhujaFloral Lamp

Floral Lamp

Jeremy Cole makes a glowing version of a floating orchid out of pieces of recycled bone china. $1,950;

Photo © Xavier YoungCheeky Plates

Cheeky Plates

For the “Vandalized Vintage” line, the designer for Trixie Delicious adds bon mots to china plates from flea markets. From $18;

Photo © Karen DennisChina Jewelry

China Jewelry

Gésine Hackenberg repurposes damaged china by cutting it into pearl-like circles for necklaces, brooches and earrings. From $280;

Photo © Gésine HackenbergPerky Teapots

Perky Teapots

Esther Derkx prints images of pinup girls and bathing beauties onto salvaged teapots and platters. From $40;

Photo © Esther Derkx

Patchwork Shawl

Christina Kim of Dosa turns pieces of vintage saris into “Shuktara” shawls. From $530;

Knives Reborn as Bottle Openers

Young designers working out of a small studio in Vienna turn factory-reject and vintage butter knives into one-of-a-kind bottle openers. From $31 each;