Many wines begin to fade as soon as they're opened, but some remain fresh-tasting for days. Here, F&W's Ray Isle names the most durable bottles and shares storage tips.

By Ray Isle
February 01, 2010

Wines that Last:

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Taste Time Line

What happens to an open bottle of high-end California Pinot as it sits...and sits...and sits.

Day 1: Bright raspberry fruit; fresh, spicy oak notes.

Day 2: Fruit aromas a touch muted; wine softer but still lovely.

Day 3: Aromas definitely less robust; wine tastes simpler.

Day 5: Alcohol more overt; fruit jammier and more baked.

Day 10: No structure left, just jammy fruit; feels flat and heavy.

Day 20: Insipid, dull flavors; smells like stewed fruit.

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