Box wines last because the bag inside collapses as the wine is poured, so almost no oxygen reaches the liquid. Plus, they offer great value.

By Ray Isle
February 01, 2010

Uncorked Wines that Last:

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Box Wine Values:

2008 Andes Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon ($19 for 3 liters)

Vines in Chile's fertile Central Valley provide the fruit for this appealingly spicy, medium-bodied Cabernet.

2008 Banrock Station Shiraz ($19 for 3 liters)

This juicy, easygoing red has exactly the characteristics that have made Australian Shiraz so popular: vivid blackberry fruit, a hint of black pepper and a soft, lush texture.

2008 Würtz Riesling Trocken ($24 for 3 liters)

The limestone soils of Germany's Rheinhessen region are known for producing zesty Rieslings like this completely dry one.

Brian Duncan on Wines Under $10:

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