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Updated March 31, 2015

One of the more popular chores at F&W in recent days was taste-testing store-bought barbecue sauces. Visits to local supermarkets and specialty food stores yielded some 25 varieties, and we tasted them all, with ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Here, our four favorites.

. M.F.F.

Barbecue SauceStaff CommentsInteresting Bite
Rick Bayless Frontera Grilling Sauce"Just the right amount of fiery aftertaste."Popular with the cooks at Chicago's Frontera Grill, who are always asking if they can take bottles home.
Bone Sucking Sauce (Hot)"First the heat, then the sweet. Nice!"Patrick Ford, who makes it, says, "It's my grandmother's recipe, doctored by my uncle and named by my mother."
D. L. Jardine's 5-Star Barbecue Sauce"Sweet, tangy and spicy."The secret ingredient? Anchovies.
Hay Day Country Market: Dave's Curried Raisin Barbecue Sauce"An almost Middle-Eastern flavor."A cross-cultural mix of chutney with ancho and chipotle chiles.

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