It's tricky to eat while holding a wineglass, as people repeatedly discover at cocktail parties and wine tastings. Here are three handy solutions.

By Ray Isle
April 01, 2010

Wineglass Holders:

Courtesy of ProdyneCourtesy of Prodyne

Plate Clip

Prodyne makes rubberized stainless steel clips that attach to the side of a plate to hold a wineglass. They are more durable than plastic and also look better. $19 for six; of Broadway PanhandlerCourtesy of Broadway Panhandler

Cocktail Plate

These oval cherrywood plates, handmade in Vermont, are designed with a circular cutout that holds a stemmed wineglass comfortably. $10; of WineEnthusiast.comCourtesy of

Glass Holster

This nylon strap may scream wine geek, but it allows wearers to hang a glass around their necks, freeing hands for holding a plate, using a fork or writing notes at a tasting. $20 for two;

Pop Quiz

    Which country drinks more wine by volume than the U.S.?

    • A. Italy
    • B. Spain
    • C. China

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