By Food & Wine
Updated May 20, 2016

Fig Jam

Masseria Maida’s sweet and floral fig jam is made from white Cilento figs grown in the southern region of Campania ($15.50 for 7.8 oz;

Truffle Honey

The Lunardi honey, infused with shavings of white truffle, is earthy yet delicate and lovely drizzled over a hard cheese, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano ($17 for 4.6 oz; Market Hall Foods, 888-952-4005).


La Gallinella’s polenta, milled from corn grown near the river Po, is especially sweet ($3 for 26 oz; available at specialty food stores).

Jarred Chickpeas

La Primavera Chickpeas from the Andolfo brothers are so perfectly creamy, they taste like they’re freshly cooked ($3 for 12.35 oz;

Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread

La Molina Gianduja is luxuriously rich, with a deep roasted-hazelnut flavor ($38 for 9.54 oz;


These pearl-size capers from La Favorita Fish are grown on the island of Pantelleria, in between Sicily and Africa, and picked just before they’re ready to flower, making them extra-aromatic ($46 for 2.2 lb;

Olive Oil–Packed Tuna

Ás do Mar’s tender tuna packed in olive oil is ultra-luscious, since it comes from the most prized cut: the belly (ventresca) ($8 for 4.4 oz;

Artisanal Pasta

Benedetto Cavalieri’s buttery, lightly sweet semolina penne rigate is made slowly, with long kneading and drying times that help develop the flavor and texture ($5.99 for 1 lb;