You’re a movie star. You live with a movie star. And you have six kids. Where do you go for dinner?

By Emily Kaiser Thelin
Updated March 31, 2015

Figuring everyone could use some new restaurants that are hospitable to a crowd, we put this question to five of our favorite food bloggers and restaurant critics: Josh Ozersky of New York’s Grub Street, Amanda McClements of Washington, DC’s Metrocurean, Brett Anderson of the New Orleans Times Picayune, Paolo Lucchesi of Eater SF, and Jonathan Kauffman of the Seattle Weekly. From a New Orleans seafood shack to the latest Ethiopian in Seattle, their creative recommendations for the Jolie-Pitts follow.

Best Restaurants for a Crowd

Top Picks in New York City
Josh Ozersky | Grub Street

Family-Friendly Stops in Washington, D.C.
Amanda McClements | Metrocurean

Terrific Restaurants in New Orleans
Brett Anderson | New Orleans Times Picayune

San Francisco Favorites
Paolo Lucchesi | Eater SF

Seattle’s Best Bets
Jonathan Kauffman | Seattle Weekly


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