Take this quiz to learn whether you're a Best New Chef expert or if you've got some homework to do.

By Food & Wine
Updated March 31, 2015

© Nigel Parry

Bowman Brown

Brown is obsessed with storkbill, which is:

A) A wild, edible flower in the geranium family
B) The fibrous beak of the long-legged bird, used to flavor broths and soups
C) A bamboo-like shoot popular in Chinese cuisine
D) A crunchy, bitter lettuce native to Utah

Answer (mouseover to view):A

© Nigel Parry

Jason Franey

Franey once witnessed a culinary near-disaster when a co-chef used an insanely expensive type of truffle by accident in place of a more reasonably priced kind. True or False: French Périgord truffles cost more than Italian white truffles.

Answer (mouseover to view):F

© Nigel Parry

Bryce Gillmore

Gilmore's favorite cookbook, River Cottage Meat Book, was written by which British author?

A) Nigella Lawson
B) Nigel Slater
C) Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
D) Tamasin Day-Lewis

Answer (mouseover to view):C

© Nigel Parry

Stephanie Izard

Izard's favorite kitchen tool, the Vitamix, is great for:

A) Preparing food for sous vide cooking
B) Blending vinaigrettes and sauces
C) Rolling out homemade pasta
D) Flash-freezing ice cream

Answer (mouseover to view):B

© Nigel Parry

James Lewis

Lewis's culinary mentor, Dario Cecchini, taught him the fine art of:

A) Pasta making
B) Butchery
C) Wood roasting
D) Cooking offal

Answer (mouseover to view):B

© Nigel Parry

George Mendes

True or False: Bacalao, an essential ingredient on Mendes's menu, is salted and dried codfish.

Answer (mouseover to view):T

© Nigel Parry

Carlo Mirarchi

Mirarchi visited Italy every summer as a child, and he has powerful memories of diving for sea urchin, called ricci di mare. In America, sea urchin is more widely known by its Japanese name:

A) Uchi
B) Uni
C) Ugi
D) Ukawi

Answer (mouseover to view):B

© Nigel Parry

Viet Pham

Pham says his mother makes the best bánh xèo (Vietnamese crêpes). How do you pronounce bánh xèo?

A) "been soh"
B) "bayn soo"
C) "bun say-oh"
D) "bin see"

Answer (mouseover to view):C

© Nigel Parry

Joshua Skenes

After Hours, Skenes's favorite food show, chronicles the late-night urban adventures of which famous past Best New Chef?

A) Rocco DiSpirito
B) Tom Colicchio
C) Daniel Boulud
D) John Besh

Answer (mouseover to view):C

© Nigel Parry

Kevin Willmann

Which of the following is not one of the cooking modes on Willmann's dream kitchen tool, the combi oven?

A) Steam
B) Convection
C) Roast
D) Combination

Answer (mouseover to view):D

© Nigel Parry

Ricardo Zarate

Zarate's first job was as a dishwasher at Benihana, a Japanese restaurant chain famous for what style of cooking?

A) Teppanyaki
B) Shabu-Shabu
C) Yakitori
D) Kaiseki

Answer (mouseover to view):A

How did you do?

8 or more correct answers Congratulations, you're a bona fide foodie!

5-7 correct answers You've got some culinary cred, but not enough to impress the crowd at Per Se (that's Thomas Keller's Manhattan restaurant, by the way, in case you don't know).

Fewer than 5 correct answers Hang your head and go straight to Benihana.

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