Illustrators are depicting chefs, wine pros and, in an F&W exclusive, our own Test Kitchen cooks—as superheroes. Take that, Green Goblin!

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September 01, 2011

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There are a few key elements to a comic-book superhero—most critically, superhuman powers. Maybe that's why chefs and wine experts, with their exceptional tasting abilities, are inspiring comic-book creators. These include Yuko and Shin Kibayashi (pen name: Tadashi Agi), who write Japan's "The Drops of God" comic, and Marvel Comics, creators of Spider-Man and X-Men.

For Marvel, the comic books reflect two passions: the publishing staff's own restaurant obsession (they have an in-house eating club called "FOOM—Foodies of Ol' Marvel"), and the affection that so many (young, male) chefs feel for comic books.

Chris Cosentino: Wolverine's Chef Sidekick

"Chefs have become cultural icons, not unlike comic-book heroes and villains, and food crosses over to everything," observes chef Chris Cosentino of San Francisco's Incanto. Cosentino recently fulfilled a childhood dream by writing his own Marvel comic. He appears in it as an offal-centric chef who helps Wolverine hunt down a mutant who butchers humans—pun intended.Marvel Superhoes' CookbookCourtesy of Marvel/Art by Ale Garza and Chris Sotomayor

Eli Kirshtein: A Top Chef Superhero

In "Spider-Man: A Meal to Die For," former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein brandishes his kitchen knives as he teams up with Spider-Man to fight Mysterio. Drops of God© (C) Tadashi Agi - Shu Okimoto / Kodansha, Ltd.Cookbook

A Young Wine Supertaster

In "The Drops of God," a popular Japanese series, the son of a famed wine critic must find and taste 12 God-sent wines to inherit his father's estate. An English-language version comes out this month. Test Kitchen© C.B. Cebulski & Marvel Comics

Marvel Superheroes' Cookbook: F&W's Test Kitchen Superheroes

C.B. Cebulski and his team at Marvel Comics collaborated with F&W on this awesome comic, starring our very own Test Kitchen cooks Grace Parisi and Marcia Kiesel.

At the behest of editor in chief Dana Cowin and deputy food editor Kate Heddings, Grace and Marcia fight to protect a "super-power bar" recipe made with quinoa flakes, nuts and dried fruit.

This isn't Marvel's only foray into food; look for a follow-up next summer of 1977's The Mighty Marvel Superheroes' Cookbook, with more than 50 dishes from chefs.

Marvel Superhoes' Cookbook ComicRead the comic »

Fantastic Recipes from Superhero Chefs:

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