Stellar holiday gifts, $20 and under. All tasted, tested and hand-selected by our pickiest editors.

Tiny Tray

Courtesy of Fred

Tiny Tray

Part ring, part plate, “Fingerfood” hors d’oeuvre holders are a quirky solution to the problem of how to hold both a cocktail and canapé in one hand at a party.

$10; Tea Towels

Courtesy of Felix Populi

Doily-Print Tea Towels

Lace is delicate, but these orange and fuchsia linens by Felix Populi, decorated in a crochet-like pattern, are durable and superfunctional.

$16 each; Spatula

Courtesy of Fred

Silly Spatula

The hilarious “Batterfinger” spatula by Fred is fun for both stirring food and stealing a taste.

$8; Art

Courtesy of Pylones USA

Clip Art

Whimsical cutlery-shaped “Kitchen Clips” recipe-card holders by Pylones transform an office essential—the paper clip.

$6.50 for 24; Butter

Courtesy of Fruits & Passion Cucina

Beauty Butter

Meant to soothe a hardworking cook’s skin, “hand butters” from Fruits & Passion Cucina moisturize with olive oil.

From $12; Board & The Bard

Courtesy of

The Board & The Bard

The “Romeo & Julienne” cutting board would be good to display on a bar—or to hide on a cookbook shelf.

$12.50; Luxe

Courtesy of Paper Orchid

Cupcake Luxe

Cupcakes are always cute, but in laser-cut liners from Paper Orchid, they can be surprisingly elegant.

$12 for 12 wrappers;

Exotic Pastas

Unconventional rice and corn pastas from Rustichella d’Abruzzo aced F&W’s taste test.


Restorative Tea

Kusmi’s “Detox” blend combines lemongrass, maté leaves (which have a revitalizing bite) and antioxidant-rich green tea. $17 for 4.4 oz;

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