Now that so many great chefs are serving Thanksgiving at their restaurants, who wants to eat at home? Well...we do. The recipes here offer the best of both worlds.

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November 01, 2010

Chef Kelly Liken's Thanksgiving Recipes


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Recipe: Roasted Mascarpone-Filled Dates with Watercress & Brioche

Her go-to holiday hors d'oeuvre: "My mascarpone-filled dates are a quick and easy starter—just throw them on a toothpick."

Her preferred way to eat leftovers: "Turkey Devonshire—toasted sourdough with turkey, bacon and tomato smothered in a beer-cheddar sauce. Delicious!"

The dish she makes too much of: "We always have too much gravy. I love making sauces, and I think I go overboard sometimes."

Her fantasy Thanksgiving meal: "Rack of lamb. That's my favorite food, hands down. I would serve it every single night of the week if I could."

Chef Lulzim Rexhepi's Thanksgiving Recipes


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Recipe: Massaman-Curry Turkey Osso Buco

What he feeds vegetarians: "I serve sweet potato puree, brussels sprouts, grilled tofu in curry and vegetable stuffing."

On tasting while he cooks the big meal: "I taste food all day while I cook, so I don't really eat—maybe a little turkey and cranberry sauce."

The dish he makes too little of: "I never make enough of my cinnamon-coconut sweet potato puree."

His fantasy Thanksgiving meal: "Cheeseburgers and disco fries—fries covered in cheese. Just joking!"

Chef Nate Appleman's Thanksgiving Recipes


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Recipe: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Brown-Butter Pears

His preferred way to eat leftovers: "I love a sandwich of turkey, stuffing, gravy, crispy onions and canned cranberry."

His biggest holiday pet peeve: "Why do people even try to make their own cranberry sauce? You just can't make it as good as the canned kind!"

The dish he makes too much of: "I always cook too much stuffing. On purpose. It's my favorite thing to eat at the holiday meal."

His ideal Thanksgiving meal: "Roast chicken. Turkey, on its best day, is never as good as roast chicken."

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