Cooking three recipes simultaneously requires a strategy. That's what the F&W Test Kitchen provides for the meals on these pages, each comprised of a delicious main and two sides.

The Food & Wine Test Kitchen
Updated March 31, 2015

Steak Dinner, Italian Style

Game Plan

Roast vegetables.

  • Marinate and grill flank steak.

  • Finish vegetables.

  • Cook polenta.

  • Slice steak.

    Wine Pairing: This flavorful steak demands a weighty red with good acidity. The Carmenère grape from Chile is a great pick. Try Chono's berry-rich 2007 Reserva bottling.


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    —Melissa Rubel Jacobson

    Southern Fried-Chicken Supper

    Game Plan

    Roast potatoes and jalapeños.

  • Cook chicken.

  • Prepare green beans.

    Wine Pairing: Vibrant Pinot Noir: 2007 Peregrine from New Zealand.


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    —Grace Parisi

    Healthy Asian Pork and Rice

    Game Plan

    Marinate pork chops.

  • Prepare ginger rice.

  • Stir-fry bok choy.

  • Grill pork chops.

    Wine Pairing: Zesty white Alsatian grape varieties go well with Asian-inspired dishes. Anne Amie's juicy, citrus-scented 2008 Pinot Gris will pair well with all of the flavors here.


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    —Marcia Kiesel

    Pop Quiz

      1. What is an unexpectedly delicious pairing with fried chicken?

      • A. Champagne
      • B. Rosé
      • C. Beaujolais
      • D. All of these

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          Answer: D

            2. Which of the following is a go-to wine for Asian dishes:

            • A. Gewürztraminer
            • B. Merlot
            • C. Rosé

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              Answer: A-->