New ways for food lovers to indulge their inner tech geeks.

By Emily Kaiser Thelin
Updated: March 31, 2015

What’s Cooking On The Web

Cooking On The Web

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This site provides beautifully produced how-to videos on subjects like homemade ravioli.

Eat, Drink Or Die

The team behind Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die site partnered with chef Tom Colicchio for this mix of oddball instructional-video shorts.

Food Party

Pee-wee’s Playhouse for foodies, from artist Thu Tran.

Celebrity-Chef Computer Games

Celebrity-Chef Computer Games

Courtesy of Brighter Minds Media

New games let players vie to be Top Chef (, battle in Iron Chef America ( and face the wrath of chef Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen ( What’s Cooking? Jamie Oliver takes a more educational bent, sharing recipes for virtual or real meals (

Plus: Top Chef Videos, Recipes & More

Portable Fun & Function

Ingenious mobile applications for the wine store, the home bar and the kitchen.



Courtesy of Nirvino

To amass its vast oeno-database, Nirvino collected close to a million wine reviews, plus pairing ideas from users and critics. Free;



Courtesy of Bob Maran and Deidra Jones

Thanks to Pocket Cocktails’ clever software, moving the iPhone like a shaker brings up easy drink recipes. $5;



Courtesy of Heidi Swanson

A stripped-down iPhone interface makes 101 Cookbooks’ wide array of healthy recipes easily accessible from the road. Free;

Game Enabler

G-Fi VS wireless hub

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The G-Fi VS wireless hub allows players to compete with one another for game supremacy on any device, from iPhone to laptop. $149;