Terrific Tarts and Pies from Top Bakeries Across the Country

By Food & Wine
Updated March 31, 2015

At the end of Thanksgiving dinner when you are feeling as stuffed as the turkey once was, you somehow still make room for a piece of pie or tart, in fact--since there's usually more than one to choose from--maybe even a sliver of each. Then, when you've tucked the last sweet crumb away and taken that postprandial stroll or nap (or both), you might just have room for a second helping.

Here, for your pleasure, are eight great recipes selected from top-notch bakeries nationwide. They showcase perennially popular ingredients in various combinations. Together, cranberries and apples crop up in a double-crusted pie and in a crumb-topped tart. On their own, cranberries are mixed with caramel and then baked in individual tartlet shells, and apple slices are layered in a soft cornmeal pastry. Pears are featured in a custard-filled almond crust and are packed with a sweet puree of acorn squash for a deep-dish pie. A pumpkin pie, a must on everyone's holiday menu, is creamy and spicy. For something completely different, there's a caramel-lined chocolate tart studded with macadamia nuts.