The objects of our obsession

By F&W Editors
July 11, 2012

 Mix-And-Match Dinnerware

Mix-And-Match Dinnerware

“I love the ’50s-inspired bowls from West Elm’s new line.” From $8 each; —Keri HansenCourtesy of West Elm High-Style Spoon

High-Style Spoon

“French designer Inga Sempé created this stainless steel spoon for serving risotto.” $46; —Suzie MyersCourtesy of Alessi Real Fruit Sodas

Real Fruit Sodas

“Spindrift uses fresh fruit juice, with the pulp to prove it.” $2.50 for 12 oz; —Michael Endelman© Antonis Achilleos Bespoke Pendant Lamp

Bespoke Pendant Lamp

“Ceramicist Liz Quan carves and mounts each porcelain piece by hand.” From $900; —Stephen Scoble© Joe Hancock Doughnut Artistry

Doughnut Artistry

“I would move to Chicago for doughnuts from the pastry chefs behind Do-Rite.” —Kate Heddings© Anjali M. Pinto Food-Friendly Wine

Food-Friendly Wine

“Piedmont’s La Kiuva makes an unusual, superfresh-tasting Nebbiolo–Pinot Noir blend. $20. —Megan Krigbaum© Cushla Naegele Better Home Brew

Better Home Brew

“This coffeemaker is so smart; its large ‘shower head’ design soaks grounds evenly.” $150; —Christine Quinlan© John Hood Greek Escape

Greek Escape

“I need to plan fast: Design Hotels’ pop-up in Mykonos is open for just six months.” From $158; —Gina Hamadey© San Giorgio Mykonos is a member of Design Hotels™ Eastern Imports

Eastern Imports

“Chicago’s Spices of Lezzet sells great flavor-boosters, like fruity chile flakes.” $7.25 for 1.5 oz; —Kristin Donnelly© Antonis Achilleos Cider Vinegar

Cider Vinegar

“Gingras uses 17 kinds of apples for this complex, barrel-aged vinegar.” $6 for 200 ml; —Tina Ujlaki© David Gare / Pomdial Inc.

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