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May 01, 2008

Most people would agree that cooks usually divide into two sorts: those who use recipes and those who wing it. I realized when reading Lara Vapnyar’s essay, “Transporting Meals: An Overachiever’s Lament,” that travelers can be separated into two groups too: those who plan and those who go with the flow. Lara, a type-A personality, is the first kind of traveler. In this issue, we’ve tried to prepare you for the trip of a lifetime no matter your personal style.

If you want to plan every meal on your itinerary, turn to our third-annual Go List, a comprehensive guide to where to eat now in 40 cities around the globe. Every year the list evolves. This year we touted fewer molecular gastronomists (with the backlash against high-tech food, perhaps these chefs are hiding their science-lab equipment). Local cuisine has become a global mission. And Tokyo and Paris are the hottest restaurant destinations. One relative newcomer to the restaurant race is Istanbul. With a culinary resurgence led in part by Defne Koryürek, profiled in “Istanbul’s Newest Tastemaker,” the city should clearly be on anybody’s list of where to go next.

Those who don’t want to plan a thing on their vacations might want to follow Jacques Pépin on his cruise with the Oceania line. The spectacular chef (and F&W contributing editor) recently sailed to amazing spots in the Mediterranean, as writer Jane Sigal chronicles in this issue. Evoking those places are wonderful recipes such as eggplant risotto, seafood salad with pistachio dressing and Greek hand pies stuffed with greens and feta.

Whether you’re type A, type B or somewhere in between, I’m confident you’ll find something in this issue that will lead to a fabulous food adventure.

Where I’m Coming From

Notes from my Recent Expeditions:

Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante
Miami Beach
Stopped in for delicious fregola with baby octopus in tomato sauce during the amazing South Beach Wine & Food Festival. 1801 Purdy Ave.; 305-531-2228.

New York City
Watched the chefs cook as I ate an incredible parade of dishes, including velouté of chanterelles and snapper-and-lobster fricassee. 13–15 W. 54th St.; 212-262-4600.

Mia Dona
New York City
Was mesmerized by Michael Psilakis’s cooking, so much so that I fell in love with his deep-fried salt cod, a dish I had heretofore reviled. 206 E. 58th St.; 212-750-8170.

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