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February 01, 2007

Why can’t February be the most exciting month of the entire year? Why can’t we enjoy every day of it instead of waiting for it to be over, for the weather to warm up and the farmers to come back to the market? Those are the questions we asked ourselves as we conceived this issue.

To start, we went to one of our all-time favorite chef-sommelier pairs, Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson and Bobby Stuckey of Frasca Food and Wine in snowy Boulder, Colorado, to find out how they get their kicks in winter. Turns out they do the same kinds of things they do in summer: long runs, longer bike rides, fabulous cookouts. That’s just the spirit we were looking for! For our story, the two men and their wives headed out to a gorgeous old barn and, surrounded by huge snowdrifts, prepared a delicious grilled meal of capon with salsa verde, meatballs and buttery coal-roasted potatoes. Winter grilling—that’s something everyone ought to try this year.

In this issue we also set out to help the farmers’ market–dependent souls who feel bereft when there isn’t any just-picked produce at the stands. To defy these limitations, we went to two "locavores" (people who only eat foods grown within a hundred miles or so of where they live) to see what the options are on opposite sides of the country. They each made spectacular recipes with local ingredients. In fact, Vermont chef Jeremy Silansky’s squash soup was so outstanding we put it on our cover.

Also be sure to check out our story "Become a Wine Expert in 28 Days," a calendar recommending a new wine experience for every day in February. My favorite? Drinking a Château d’Armailhac and buying wine art. Of course this crash course won’t turn you into a connoisseur, but it just might turn February into your favorite month of the year.

Dana Cowin

Where I’m Coming From

Notes from my recent expeditions.

Daisy May’s BBQ USA
Shared a great half pig and big, beefy ribs from barbecue genius Adam Perry Lang.
DETAILS 623 11th Ave.; 212-977-1500.

Craftsteak New York
Conducted an informal tasting of six kinds of New York strip steak with chef de cuisine Chris Albrecht. Completely fascinating and delicious.
DETAILS 85 10th Ave.; 212-400-6699.

The Red Cat
Most blissful indulgence of the month (year?): bacon tempura at The Red Cat Cookbook party.
DETAILS 227 10th Ave.; 212-242-1122.

E-Mail Me
How do you rise to the challenge of winter cooking? Tell us about your favorite dishes!

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