After testing 76 countertop appliances, we pick our favorites in nine categories, from blenders to espresso makers.

By Kristin Donnelly
October 17, 2011

More Top Picks


Braun Multiquick Impressions MR 5000 ($60)
Our favorite immersion blender—the quietest one we tested, plus, you hardly need to move the shaft to puree efficiently—has 12 speeds and a “turbo” button to pulverize especially hard bits. Note: Unfortunately, this blender will be discontinued in March 2008 (


Cuisinart SmartStick ($50)
Simple to use, with a single speed. The noticeably sharp blade purees beautifully, and the hood around the blade is extra-deep, which helps pull food through the blender (

Honorable Mention

Dualit ($80)
This chrome 500-watt blender is one of the most powerful of those we tested. While it purees easily, its power combined with its heavy build sometimes makes it unwieldy (