The winners of this year's Best New Pastry Chef awards, presented by Godiva, deconstruct some of the dazzling desserts that show off their skill and sensibilities.

By Kate Heddings
Updated: March 31, 2015

Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Melanie Durant Photo © Andrew Thomas Lee

Melanie Durant

Empire State South, Atlanta

Why She Won The majority of Durant’s desserts start with a vegetable or herb. She builds from there, using old-fashioned techniques (no hydrocolloids) to achieve fantastic flavors and combinations.

Deconstructed Dessert: Popping Flan Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Stephanie Prida Photo © Eric Wolfinger

Stephanie Prida

Manresa, Los Gatos, CA

Why She Won Prida creates delicious, beautiful, complex desserts. Her classical training at The Elysian and Blackbird in Chicago makes her a technical whiz, while Manresa’s location, near the central California coast, puts her in touch with some of the best raw ingredients in the world.

Deconstructed Dessert: Plums with Cream Cheese & Buckwheat Ice Cream Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Bob Truitt Photo © Nicole Franzen

Bob Truitt

Ai Fiori, New York City, and The Altamarea Group

Why He Won Using ideas learned in avant-garde restaurants, Truitt creates witty, magical plates like this take on “toad in the hole,” which looks like a savory egg dish but is actually passion fruit cream with caramelized brioche.

Deconstructed Dessert: Pane Caramello Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Sarah Jordan Photo © Eric Kleinberg Photography

Sarah Jordan

Boka and GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago

Why She Won Without any formal training, Jordan has created her own bold, risk-taking style. Her signature is using savory elements—flavoring caramel, for instance, with ingredients like miso, soy or beer.

Deconstructed Dessert: Chocolate Crémeux with Candied Pretzels, Potato Chips & Beer Caramel Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Monica Glass Photo © Michael Piazza

Monica Glass

Clio and Uni Sashimi Bar, Boston

Why She Won Pretty, dainty and feminine, Glass’s French-inflected desserts are exquisitely balanced. Each plate contains several components that show just the right amount of restraint.

Deconstructed Dessert: Violet Vacherin