When the weather is warm, a cool white wine is a no-brainer. But as the temperature climbs, the options shift. Here, a guide.

By Ray Isle
August 01, 2010

video Summer Wines

Heat: 70°

White-Wine Pick: Chardonnay
This just might be the perfect temperature. Enjoy it with a rich white.

Bottle to Try: 2008 Beringer Private Reserve ($37).

Heat: 80°

White-Wine Pick: Grüner Veltliner
Time for the ultimate green-salad or vegetable-friendly white.

Bottle to Try: 2008 Weingut Fred Loimer Lois ($14).

Heat: 90°

White-Wine Pick: Sauvignon Blanc
OK, now it's hot. The fix: a cold, zesty and citrusy white wine.

Bottle to Try: 2009 Clifford Bay Awatere Valley ($10).

Heat: 100°

White-Wine Pick: Vinho Verde
When the weather is really steamy, stick to a wine that's low in alcohol.

Bottle to Try: 2009 Quinta da Aveleda ($10).

Heat: 110°

White-Wine Pick: Beer
Only a madman drinks wine when it's this hot. Jump in the pool with a cold lager.

Bottle to Try: Stella Artois ($10 for 6-pack). 

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