The spirit, cocktail, glass and mixologist of the moment, then and now.

Bryan Miller
Updated March 31, 2015



SpiritBoss Tweed cocktail


Smoky, blended or single-malt; dominated America in the late ’70s. (Above: Scotch cocktails)Añejo Manhattan cocktail


High-end bottles (some numbered) created a vogue for the good stuff. (Above: Tequila cocktails)

CocktailMaria’s Margarita

The Margarita

The drink of the ’80s, served in big glasses with well-salted rims.Manhattan Cocktail

The Manhattan

A new lounge favorite, whether classic or given a mixologist’s update.


Shot Glass

Especially popular when emblazoned with icons like Pac-Man.

The Coupe

A shallow, elegant glass ideal for all kinds of classic cocktails.


Dale DeGroff

Father of modern mixology; ruled NYC’s Rainbow Room.

Sasha Petraske

Classic cocktail revivalist; founded NYC’s Milk & Honey in 2000.