Tapas are Spanish appetizers, meant to be eaten in just a few bites. Traditional tapas include mixed olives, fried baby squid, meatballs and chorizo. Papas bravas are another typical dish: It's simply fried potatoes served with a creamy sauce. We like to use fingerling potatoes, sliced in half and seasoned with parsley and salt once they've been fried to a crisp. Our aioli is made with lemon juice and paprika for a bright, citrusy flavor. One of our favorite tapas is bacon-wrapped dates, which take just a few minutes and ingredients to prepare. Spanish cookbook author Penelope Casas takes this appetizer to the next level by stuffing spicy chorizo into sticky-sweet dates, and then wrapping them in bacon. These one-bite tapas are perfectly sweet and smoky, and are delicious any time of year. Get more tapas recipes from F&W's guide.

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Chorizo and Chile-Chocolate Toasts

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This incredibly simple tapas recipe from Vosges Chocolate founder Katrina Markoff proves that chocolate should not be limited to dessert. The tart 74% dark chocolate used here pairs perfectly with the smoky, spicy Spanish chorizo in this savory application. Slideshow: More Toast Recipes 

Fried Pork Belly with Pickled Vegetables

This fun take on antipasti from Fat Rice chef Abraham Conlon pairs plenty of crisp, spicy pickled vegetables with meaty bites of pork belly and briny olives. It’s a great starter for a party—serve it with lots of crusty bread.Slideshow: More Pickled Vegetables


Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish that features corn tortillas as a base. Here, find the recipes for a chilaquiles with pasilla salsa and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, a cola-marinated flank steak with frito chilaquiles and more.


Here, delicious tostada recipes from tequila-flamed shrimp tostadas to chicken and citrus slaw tostadas.

14 Five-Ingredient Tapas

Some of these pre-dinner snacks nod to Spain, where tapas originated, while others take cues from other parts of the world. The commonality: Each of these 14 tapas relies on five ingredients or fewer (outside of salt, pepper and olive oil).

7 Best Healthy Tapas

Happy hour snacks don’t need to derail your diet. Here, seven easy, nutrient-rich tapas to have with a glass of wine.

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Cauliflower Fritters

To create these wonderful tapas, José Andrés makes a batter with crunchy nubs of chopped cauliflower florets, fries spoonfuls in a skillet and then tops the fritters with yogurt sauce and a dollop of caviar. Chef Holiday Recipes Made Easy More Tasty Snack Recipes