Bruschetta + Crostini

What's better than crusty bread and tasty toppings? Bruschetta and crostini make the ultimate appetizer, and F&W's guide has dozens of delicious recipes. The main difference between these two toasts is that crostini is often thinly sliced, while bruschetta is usually served in thicker slices and drizzled with olive oil before it's toasted. The standard topping is diced tomato mixed with olive oil, garlic and Italian herbs—delicious, but a little boring. We love to mix things up by adding pesto, grilled veggies, ricotta and pancetta. One of our favorite recipes is a dessert-style bruschetta, topped with grilled nectarines and cherries, as well as creamy mascarpone mixed with honey. The fruit gets marinated in lavender sugar and citrus zest, and caramelizes on the grill—this is truly the perfect way to showcase summer's best fruit. Whether you're craving something sweet or savory, F&W's guide to bruschetta and crostini has all the recipes you need.