Andrew Zimmern shares his favorite fall recipe, a comforting soup with lots of tender vegetables, chewy dumplings and a nice salty broth.

These little dumplings from Liguria are my new favorite fall recipe. I can’t stop making them. They’re typically served in a broth with some vegetables. I like to add some shaved Parmesan as well. About a year ago, my pal Jenn Louis, a F&W Best New Chef and chef/owner of Lincoln in Portland, Oregon, sent me the ratio for the dumplings. Jenn’s new book, Pasta by Hand, is coming out in 2015, and represents her tour of Italy in search of all things dumpling. I have seen the book and it’s going to be one of the best of the year. Hands down. And now, Jenn’s gift to me, I pass on to you, with her blessing. Get the recipe.