Dips are one of those perfect party foods—there are so many different kinds, and then can be served with everything from tortilla chips to crudité. Guacamole, hummus and salsa are all pretty standard, but can be easily dressed up by adding fresh fruit or herbs. One of our favorites is spinach and artichoke dip—it's an almost universal favorite, and tastes delicious with pita chips and pretzels. We use dry white wine, lemon zest and a dash of hot sauce to add flavor and spice. For a healthier twist on a dip, try this take on classic ranch. Kale adds great texture and color, and lebneh (similar to strained Greek yogurt) keeps this dip super creamy. Whether you're looking for a classic appetizer or want to try something new, F&W's guide has a dip recipe for every occasion.
Swiss cheese fondue with dippers like bread, potatoes, salami, apples
Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue
15 mins
Vegan pimento cheese, served with fried saltine crackers and pickles green tomatoes
Vegan Pimiento Cheese
2 hrs 15 mins
Tahini-Tofu Dip With Chili Crunch
Tahini-Tofu Dip with Chili Crunch
1 hrs 5 mins