The ideal party dish is one that can be made ahead, works best at room temperature and is easy to eat by hand. Hummus checks all those boxes and couldn’t be more on trend right now—and it’s fun and surprising to serve it in big bowls. Making three varieties, as we have here (with lots of options for dipping), is a perfect conversation starter. Plus, the toppings are crazy beautiful and delicious.
Hummus Variations
Credit: © Christina Holmes

1. Classic Hummus

Food stylist extraordinaire Susan Spungen makes a trio of deeply delicious hummus: one plain, one beet and one herb. She presents them in big bowls with plenty of colorful, fun garnishes. First, make this classic hummus.

2. Spinach-and-Herb Hummus

Blanch 6 oz. of curly spinach in boiling salted water until wilted, about 10 seconds. Drain well and cool under running water. Squeeze the spinach dry and coarsely chop. Using a blender and working in batches, if necessary, add the spinach and 1½ cups mixed herbs (parsley, cilantro or dill) to the other ingredients in Step 3. Garnish with olive oil, toasted pine nuts, chopped herbs and kale chips. Serve with harissa.

3. Beet Hummus

Wrap 3 medium beets loosely in foil and set them on a baking sheet. Roast at 425° for 1 hour, or until tender. Let cool, then peel and chop. Add the beets to the other ingredients in Step 3. Garnish with toasted almonds, crumbled feta, dukka, thinly sliced scallions and sliced watermelon radishes.