Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made with cooked chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and salt. It's so simple, but so delicious—and F&W's guide to hummus has plenty of recipes to change up this standard recipe. Try mixing the chickpeas with other beans, like green lentils or white beans, add avocado for a super creamy spread, or blend in braised beets to get a beautiful magenta color. Hummus can also be used for more than a dip—it makes a creamy potato salad dressing, can be used as a pizza topping or swirled into minestrone soup. However you like to eat your hummus, Food & Wine has a recipe for you.

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3 Festive Ways to Spice up Your Hummus
The ideal party dish is one that can be made ahead, works best at room temperature and is easy to eat by hand. Hummus checks all those boxes and couldn’t be more on trend right now—and it’s fun and surprising to serve it in big bowls. Making three varieties, as we have here (with lots of options for dipping), is a perfect conversation starter. Plus, the toppings are crazy beautiful and delicious.
Chef Alon Shaya on How to Make the Creamiest Hummus Ever
Hummus is a very simple dish, but it’s not easy to perfect. Here, chef Alon Shaya shares the secret behind his amazing recipe.
Hummus Recipes
Quick and easy to make, hummus is a great and versatile dip. From the classic version with chickpeas and tahini to a vivid pink beet hummus, here are terrific hummus recipes.
The Secret to Zahav's Incredible Hummus
At Zahav in Philadelphia, the most obvious order is also one of the best ways to kick off the meal.
Easy Hummus with Tahini
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Hummus can do more than cling to a carrot stick. Grace Parisi's sublime version adds nutty flavor to potato salad, eggs and soupSlideshow:  Great Party Dips 
Red Pepper Hummus with Hot Paprika
Using jarred roasted red peppers makes this hummus super-easy and fast. A generous sprinkle of hot paprika and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil are all that are needed to dress it up. Slideshow: Great Party Dips 

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Israeli Hummus with Paprika and Whole Chickpeas
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Before opening Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia, chef Michael Solomonov visited hummus parlors all over Israel trying to find the best recipe. "Hummus is the hardest thing to get right," he says. "It has to be rich, creamy and mildly nutty." To make his hummus luxuriously smooth, he soaks the chickpeas overnight with baking soda to soften them. While Americans now flavor hummus with everything from pureed red peppers to fresh herbs, Solomonov says among the fanciest garnishes you can find in Israel are whole chickpeas, paprika and lemon-spiked tahini, used for hummus masabacha. More Party Dips
Hummus with Whole Wheat Flatbreads
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“Kids like hummus,” says Alice Waters, “and they like to make the little flatbreads and heat them like tortillas; the whole process is irresistible, and the price is practically nonexistent.”More Recipes Featuring Chickpeas