Cheese Dips

The only thing better than actual cheese is dip made from cheese—fondue, queso and pimento are all delicious cheese dips for any occasion. Goat cheese, Gruyere and blue cheese are also great for turning into dips, like this sophisticated version of traditional onion dip. Sautéed leeks, tangy goat cheese and cream cheese get stirred together and topped with garlicky chives—we love to eat this cheesy dip with crusty bread and raw vegetables. Whether you’re looking for an hors d’oeuvre for a crowd or just need a new way to eat cheese, F&W’s guide has recipes for every occasion.

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These 15 Super Bowl Dips Are Actually the Main Event

The Super Bowl, for some people, is about sports. But for the rest of us, it’s about the excellent snacking opportunities, and a core category is Super Bowl dips. There’s nothing wrong with opening a jar, but once you realize the vast array of dips you can make yourself, including an upgrade to your onion dip, a gorgeous purple-hued, za’atar beet dip, and manyintriguing kinds of hummus. If you want to get really fancy, you can even pair your Super Bowl dips with homemade chips. But even if all you have the strength for is mixing together a few things and plunking down a bowl next to a bag of tortilla chips, we have many dip options for you.
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Four-Layer Caviar Dip

Layers of creamy egg salad; crisp red onion; herbed cream cheese; and salty, briney caviar come together in a beautiful molded dip that serves up an entire caviar platter in one dish.
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Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Filled with four kinds of cheese and plenty of tender artichoke hearts, this dip is creamy with a crisp, golden top. Be sure to drain the thawed frozen spinach well to avoid excess water, which can break the cheese sauce.
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Fancy Clam Dip

This classic white clam dip, filled with cream cheese; crème fraîche; and, of course, canned clams, is salty, cheesy, and craveable. Some generous splashes of hot sauce and plenty of fresh dill add brightness and cut through the rich, indulgent dip.
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9 Upgrades for Classic Party Dips

There’s nothing more satisfying than a classic creamy, savory artichoke dip or a nutty hummus. But you can eat those old-school appetizers anytime. This holiday season, take your dips to the next level with these nine upgrades.
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More Cheese Dips

Instant Pot Baba Ganoush

Finally, the no-grill, quick-cooking baba ganoush recipe you’ve been waiting for. A quick pressure cook in the Instant Pot helps create the perfect combination of textures without fussing with a grill. As an added bonus, this dip can be made up to 2 days in advance. Serve with fresh crunchy vegetables or grilled pitas for dipping.
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Kamaboko Dip

In this Kamaboko Dip recipe from chef Sheldon Simeon, tender julienned kamaboko (a pink-and-white fish cake sold frozen at Asian grocery stores) plays off of crunchy scallions, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and sour cream laced with umami-packed dashi concentrate (hondashi). Alaea salt, a red Hawaiian sea salt enriched with volcanic clay, adds color and an earthy flavor. Somewhere between a dip and a spread, Kamaboko Dip is an addictive appetizer smeared over crackers or bagels or dunked into with fresh crudité.
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Rye Bread Dip

For this dip, a rye bread boule is hollowed out and filled with a creamy, herb-packed dip. Cut the interior into chunks for dipping and serve the rye bread dip with your favorite crudités. (We like our dip with slices of red pepper, cucumber and fennel.) If you can’t find a rye boule, a round loaf of crusty sourdough bread works well too. Slideshow: More Dip Recipes