7 Middle Eastern Dips to Make Beyond Hummus

We would never suggest that you give up creamy, earthy hummus, but it's time to broaden you dip repertoire.


From smoky-sweet baba ghanouj to spicy muhammara, here are seven delicious Middle Eastern dips to add to your next snack spread.

1. Baba Ghanouj
Slender Japanese eggplants are the secret to this excellent version of the classic dip.

Baba Ghanouj

2. Yogurt Dip with Mint and Garlic
This wonderfully tangy and refreshing dip is popular throughout Turkey.

3. Egyptian Spiced Carrot Puree
There's a method to eating this North African dip: dunk your bread in oil, then in dukka (an Egyptian spice blend), and then spoon the puree on top.

Egyptian Spiced Carrot Puree
© Maura McEvoy

4. Ful Medammes
Similar to hummus, this creamy fava bean dip is breakfast in Syria. It consists of tender cooked dried favas, mixed with either tahini or lemon juice (or both), then topped with a swirl of olive oil and Aleppo pepper paste.

5. Green Olive, Walnut and Pomegranate Dip
This chunky dip is a specialty in the Gilan province of Northern Iran. Chef Serge Madikians makes his version with pomegranate in two forms: seeds and molasses.


6. Yogurt and Pomegranate Dip with Cilantro
A snap to assemble, this tangy and refreshing dip is perfect with warm pita bread or as an accompaniment for grilled meats or steamed vegetables.

7. Tangy Red-Pepper-and-Nut Dip
The classic Syrian nut dip muhammara typically contains walnuts, bread crumbs, Aleppo pepper paste and pomegranate syrup, but there are endless variations. Pistachios, cashews and freshly toasted pine nuts, almonds and walnuts give this version a chunky texture, while onions and red bell peppers make it tangy-sweet.

Tangy Red-Pepper-and-Nut Dip
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