Dips are one of those perfect party foods—there are so many different kinds, and then can be served with everything from tortilla chips to crudité. Guacamole, hummus and salsa are all pretty standard, but can be easily dressed up by adding fresh fruit or herbs. One of our favorites is spinach and artichoke dip—it's an almost universal favorite, and tastes delicious with pita chips and pretzels. We use dry white wine, lemon zest and a dash of hot sauce to add flavor and spice. For a healthier twist on a dip, try this take on classic ranch. Kale adds great texture and color, and lebneh (similar to strained Greek yogurt) keeps this dip super creamy. Whether you're looking for a classic appetizer or want to try something new, F&W's guide has a dip recipe for every occasion.

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French 75 Dip
This vegan dip offered at the Nashville bar White Limozeen was inspired by its namesake effervescent gin cocktail born out of Paris in the early 1900s. The sauce mimics the delicate flavors of the botanical cocktail by adding juniper berry and lemon to a base of aquafaba, the vegan, multi-use liquid used for canned chickpeas.
Dill-Tahini Dip
This quick, simple dip from chef Stephanie Izard  is light and perfect for summer entertaining. The tahini, soy sauce, and harissa add complexity, and yogurt makes it nice and creamy. Serve the lightly seasoned dip as a snack with vegetables or with kebobs; as a marinade for grilled meats; or as a spread for wraps and sandwiches.
Tahini-Tofu Dip with Chili Crunch
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This creamy, smooth dip from chef Stephanie Izard creates layers of flavor with a short ingredient list. Roasting the garlic mellows its sharpness — together with the tahini, it brings a subtly sweet and nutty taste to the dish. Tamari provides umami, and fresh lemon juice adds brightness and acidity. After everything is combined in a food processor, a generous sprinkle of This Little Goat Chili Crunch finishes the dip off. Make it the next time you're entertaining, or for your next snack dinner.
Tomatillo Salsa Cruda
Fermín Núñez's raw tomatillo salsa combines tart, fresh tomatillos; jalapeño and serrano chiles; tender scallions; and pungent cilantro for a juicy, refreshing salsa perfect for topping tacos, eggs, or tortilla chips.
Vegan Pimiento Cheese
Pimiento cheese is an iconic snack in the South, and beloved all over. For this vegan version, sweet pimientos stud a creamy and savory base made with extra-firm tofu. The pickle brine and apple cider vinegar lend an acidic brightness to the mixture, while nutritional yeast and miso provide deep umami notes that keep you coming back for more. Be sure to chill this spread for at least two hours to let the flavors meld and achieve the right consistency. Serve it with fried saltines, pickled green tomatoes and fresh celery.
Salsa Verde Cocida
Cristina Martínez and Ben Miller of the beloved restaurant South Philly Barbacoa shared the recipe for this smooth salsa verde with serious depth of flavor. It packs a bit of piquancy from the jalapeños, but the heat is balanced by slightly sweet and tropical notes of green ground cherries (which may be substituted with small tomatillos), while epazote and cilantro give subtly earthy, pleasantly bitter flavors. South Philly Barbacoa served this fresh green salsa alongside lamb barbacoa at an iftar dinner for Ramadan, but it's equally delicious with chicken or beef.

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Spinach Maria
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Spinach Maria is a classic dish originating from Calhoun's, an east Tennessee BBQ joint. It's made with lots of spinach, Monterey Jack cheese, and crushed red pepper. The cheese sauce is rich with warmth from the cayenne and nutmeg, and the extra layer of melted cheese on top makes it perfectly indulgent. As tasty a side dish as this is, it's also great served as a dip with toasted pita wedges or tortilla chips. You can customize the sauce however you want by adding more garlic, or chopped hot chiles, pickled peppers, herbs, or even crabmeat.  
Queso Flameado
In this irresistible snack, charred poblano pepper and pureed cilantro and serrano chiles serve as a built-in salsa, layering spicy, garlicky flavors into the rich, melted cheese. Flaming it with tequila makes the whole thing a little extra. The pickled carrots on top add acidity and brightness; feel free to substitute pickled jalapeno slices if you have some on-hand.
Salsa Macha

This outside-the box salsa is made from a fragrant blend of toasted chiles, garlic, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Spoon it over Tuna-Avocado Ceviche, grilled fish, quesadillas, tacos, Mexican-style street corn, salad, pizza, or crusty bread.