These foods are far from your childhood lunch.

By Chelsea Morse
Updated May 24, 2017
Brown Bag Food
Credit: © Andrew Celbulka

It's official: Tweezer food is out. The tastiest snacks F&W's editors have eaten this year arrive at the table in brown paper bags.

Fried Smelt: Chicago
At La Sirena Clandestina, tiny, crispy fried fish come with a spicy grilled serrano chile remoulade on the side for dipping.

Chicken Wings: Charleston
Minero's wings are grilled over charcoal, doused in the bag with Valentina hot sauce and shaken like crazy tableside (above).

Potato Skins: Brooklyn
Scooped out and fried, potato "husks" at Glasserie are served in the bag with a dip of stewed fava beans and chickpeas.