An expert yogurt-maker shares her favorite savory uses for Persian-style yogurt.

By Yaran Noti
Updated May 23, 2017
  • Homa Dashtaki of The White Moustache in Brooklyn sells her firm, tangy, spectacularly delicious Persian-style yogurt in eight flavors, including date and quince. But she prefers it plain, both to use as a festive holiday dip, but also in authentic, savory preparations like these.
  • 1. Moosir.
  • A savory shallot yogurt with diced leopoldia shallots and salt. She drenches a bowl of potato chips with it for the ultimate snack food. While the chips are still crunchy, it’s a great nacho-like experience. But it's even better when the yogurt has soaked through.
  • 2. Basmati long grain rice with yogurt.
  • This is the go-to comfort food in her household, simply seasoned with salt and pepper. The starchy rice gets nicely coated by the tangy cool yogurt, giving it a surprising robustness and warmth.
  • 3. All-purpose condiment.
  • Yogurt mixed with dill, cucumbers, salt and pepper. A perfect condiment for meats or just spread on pita or lavash.
  • 4. Marinade.
  • Homa marinates chicken in her yogurt. The calcium and probiotics make for an insanely juicy bird.