Charcuterie refers to smoked, dry-cured meats and items like terrines, rillettes, pate, and confit. A well thought-out charcuterie board can be a beautiful centerpiece for any gathering, and you can use all of your favorite ingredients. Tuna or porcini pate pair well with raw vegetables, salmon rillettes are best served with toasted baguette slices and horseradish cream tastes delicious on just about everything. We prefer cured meats like prosciutto, spicy coppa and salami, and cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, provolone and Brie. The key to creating a great charcuterie board is to vary textures, include plenty of garnishes like pickles and olives, and stick to simple sides—a baguette will taste great with everything, and won't distract from the actual charcuterie. Check out F&W's guide for even more tips and recipes.