Amy Sedaris Wants You to Make Sandwiches That Look Like Your Friends

Sedaris is hamming things up on social media in the best way possible.

Amy Sedaris

Danielle St. Laurent on behalf of Hillshire Farm

Amy Sedaris is one giant ham. And a little cheese. And a whole lot of butter lettuce, all stacked on a brioche bun.

Sedaris, everyone's favorite comedian-meets-baby-Yoda-handler, is teaming up with Hillshire Farm to make people's days just a little bit brighter. How? By encouraging people to recognize those in their life who deserve a standing ovation by crafting a personalized sandwich in their honor and sharing it across social media with the hashtag #OhHillYeah. Just as Sedaris did for a few of her celebrity friends.

"I'm a cold-cut gal," Sedaris ever-so-bluntly shared with Food & Wine as to why she, not the brand, reached out first about doing something fun together.

To kick off the social media campaign, Sedaris created the first sandwich, the "Andy Coham" for her bud, Andy Cohen.

"I went out with Andy on Saturday and said, 'what is your favorite sandwich?' Andy just said he always liked a big roll with provolone cheese, deli meats, and tomatoes, and shredded lettuce and pickles," she said, emphasizing, "his thing was pickles."

So, she crafted a sandwich made with all that and more, including Hillshire Farm Honey Ham, provolone, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles stacked on pickles, and shaved onion, all between soft challah bread.

Not to be outshined, Sedaris also made one for herself — the Hamy Sedarwich — and showed us her creation in all its glory, including a bun topped with two googly-eyed olives and an absolutely massive pickle tongue.

"That's the size of my tongue," she deadpanned. "My eyes are that beady and close together." But, in all seriousness adds, "I love lettuce. I love a red onion."

The full Sedarwich includes Hillshire Farm Black Forest Ham, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, butter lettuce, the all-important olive eyes, and pickle tongue between a perfectly toasted brioche bun.

There was, however, one improvement she wished she made: "I probably would've put sesame seeds on my bun. Made it a gourmet Amy."

 As for why she thinks you should get creative in the kitchen and come up with sandwiches representing your favorite people, Sedaris shared, it's all about having a simple moment of levity.

"It's always fun to think about," she said. "I love when you entertain at home, and you think, 'oh my god, what does Alice want? What's Alice about? Alice is gonna drink a lot, what kind of sandwich can I give her?' Or is it a bite-size sandwich where you cut the crust off and cut it in quarters? All that is part of the sandwich and how you present it."

There's no contest. No big prize. This campaign is just all about celebrating those you adore, just as much as Sedaris loves Coham… we mean Cohen and the rest of her celebrity friends represented as sandwiches, which you can find the recipes for on Hillshire Farm's social media channels as they roll out in the coming weeks.

But celebrity friends aren't required for this campaign. Just slap together a sandwich that represents you or someone you love, and share with #OhHillYeah to get in on the good, clean, and downright delicious good time.

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