Amazon Is Slashing Prices on Tons of Kitchenware Items: Shop 20 of the Best Deals Up to 70% Off

Shop brands like Ninja, Aroma, Philips, Rubbermaid, and more.

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Amazon Weekend Roundup

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Although the holiday season feels long gone, some of us might’ve had some kitchenware items that either didn’t quite make it to our wishlist, or that we didn’t get (hey, it happens). And, even though all of the  big holiday sales have passed, that doesn’t mean there aren't any sales and discounts worth grabbing right now. 

If you’ve still got a hankering for some of those wished-for items, or if you simply just want to amp up  your kitchen routine for those slow winter days, now’s the perfect time to grab them, since Amazon’s got tons of great deals. Discounts are climbing as high as 70% off right now.

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There are items from some of our favorite brands, like Ninja, Philips, Lodge, GreenPan, Henckels and more that cover nearly every need you’d want, whether that’s diving into a new appliance, or sharpening up your knife skills. 

Peruse 20 of the best deals we’ve found below, from air fryers, to Dutch ovens, pie dishes, and even vacuum cleaners. The best part? Prices start at just $10. 



Best Appliance Deals 

It’s the time of year where we’re in a constant push and pull between rushing out of the door for work and spending long days inside on the weekend. Having those nifty appliances on hand that can adapt with you on those polarizing days is key to keep the excitement flowing in the winter, and one most commonly wished for item is a toaster oven air fryer. This nearly 40% off Ninja version is one of Food & Wine’s favorites as well as a shopper favorite, since it’s got over 15,700 perfect ratings on Amazon

Aside from its ability to air fry, toast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and warm, it’s an especially good pick if you’re tight on space. Testers loved it for its compact shape and its heating power. It’s still got enough capacity if you’re feeding a few people at once, and thanks to its versatility, you can use it on the weekend for a Sunday brunch spread, or use it to heat up leftovers like pancakes or homemade bagels during the week. 

Another appliance shoppers crave in the winter is a rice cooker. Though a staple all year round, rice plays a big role in some of the most comforting winter dishes we know. Plus, a multifunctioning option like this on-sale Aroma rice cooker can also cook up other grains like oats for cozy breakfasts. As Food & Wine’s favorite rice cooker, you’ll get all the bells and whistles you need. It’s quick, affordable, easy-to-use, and sturdy. You’ll also get a few presettings and a steamer basket to cook multiple ingredients at once. 

GreenPan SearSmart Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 10 Piece


Best Cookware and Bakeware Deals 

There’s nothing like a Dutch oven, and that’s why they’re constantly sought after by cooks and bakers alike. They're a true kitchen workhorse, so much so that they’re frequently passed down from generation to generation. And, this hefty 7.5-quart option from Lodge is 41% off right now. There’s no better time than now to snap this bigger-size up since it’s perfect for larger batches of slow-cooked stews, soups, and braises. Plus, it can serve as a nifty vessel for large loaves of homemade breads for weekend baking projects. The Lodge version is made with enameled cast iron, so it’ll heat up and cook things evenly without any sticking. 

And, if you really want to get into baking projects and love a quality French-made piece, rest assured. You can score this Food & Wine favorite Emile Henry pie dish that so many swear by for just over 40% off. Its clay-based material browns every pie crust to perfection, plus you can even use it in the broiler. Make sweet wintery fruit pies or savory dishes like quiche for your next brunch or dinner party.  

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale


Best Tool and Gadget Deals

Once you realize a food scale is important to have in the kitchen, you feel like you really need one. It’s the key to so many baking projects that require precision, especially bread doughs. Though the sourdough craze feels lightyears away, some of us are still getting into it this season, and one of our favorite kitchen scales is on sale just in time for it. You can grab the Ozeri Pronto scale for just $10 right now. It’s another small-space-friendly design with perks — our testers love how inexpensive and accurate it is. It raked up about 68,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, too. The design is simple and easy to read with a digital display, a button to switch from grams, pounds, ounces, and milliliters, and a tear button. 

Aside from baking and cooking, many of us strive to make our own elaborate coffee drinks at home. It can often pay to start somewhere small, and one of our favorite easy-to-use milk frothers is on sale. This PowerLix model is handheld and comes with a convenient little stand to keep next to your coffee maker. Though tiny, it'll foam up hot or cold milk in no time for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any beverage of your choice. 

Tineco A11 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Best Cleaning and Organization Deals 

Some say that a true sign of adulthood is when you actually want cleaning and organizational supplies, and there are few better places to put these to work than your kitchen. After all, kitchen’s are constantly under stress from unwanted spills to everyday cooking and hosting.

If you’re looking to organize your pantry and drawers, grab this well-loved expandable spice organizer. It’s at one of the best prices we’ve seen in years, and Food & Wine editors love how it nestles perfectly into drawers. It’s a genius way of storing spices, since they often get tucked and hidden behind each other in the pantry. This organizer allows them to lay right into the drawer, that way when you open it you see every spice you’ve got. For tidying up your pantry and fridge, score these well-loved Rubbermaid containers in a set on sale. They can be used for dry or wet storage, and this collection of 14 containers, lids, and scoops has got enough versatility to use for anything from bulk grains to leftover soup. 

Don’t forget about your floors either — one of our favorite cordless vacuums is nearly 40% off right now. Though it works on any surface, our testers found the Tineco stick vacuum cleaner works especially well on hardwood floors, polished floors, and floors that have cracks and crevices. It’s easy to maneuver and the model goes from a stick to a handheld design fast, which is great for getting into tight kitchen corners and spaces where crumbs often build. 

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