Finally Some Good News, America's Oldest Cheese Shop Has Found a New Home

America's oldest cheese shop will live on in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

When news spread of Alleva Dairy's closing due to financial hardship, supporters across the nation flocked to social media to express their disappointment. But, in a fortunate turn of events, many will be excited to hear that Alleva Dairy plans to reopen its doors. But this time, in a whole new state.

The legacy of America's oldest cheese shop will live on in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, at 9 Polito Avenue, to be exact. The New Jersey town has one of the largest Italian populations in America, making it a prime second home for Alleva Dairy.

Though, getting to its new address was undoubtedly a challenge. The cheese shop, once located at the corner of Mulberry Street and Grand Street, endured a long road until finally, owner Karen King made the difficult decision to close the business because she could no longer afford the $23,756 monthly rent. The store, King explained to reporters at the time, had accumulated several missed payments. She ultimately struck a deal with the landlord to have that rent forgiven under the condition that she move her business out immediately. 

Alleva Dairy in NYC

Robert K. Chin - Storefronts / Alamy Stock Photo

The story of Alleva Dairy sparked outrage over increasing rent across the city from many of the shop's allies. However, one proponent of the shop, Jack Morris, wanted to do more than just offer his sympathy. Morris, the president and CEO of Edgewood Properties, stepped in to assist Alleva in establishing new roots in Lyndhurst.

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Mr. Morris and his organization," King shared in a statement. "One thing is certain, Alleva Dairy will continue and will be bigger and better than before."

And although it will be in a different physical location, the heart of the shop will remain the same. That includes offering many of the beloved cheeses King sold in her previous store, alongside ceramic works saved from the Grand St. location and some brand-new signage for good measure.

King told NBC, "He's [Jack Morris] taking me to places that I have wanted to go my whole life, and I'm taking my little cheese store with me." King continues, "It's a miracle on Mulberry Street!"

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