Whoa—These All-Clad Frying Pans Are Nearly 50% Off at Amazon Right Now

Flipping pancakes and making stir-fries has never been easier.

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All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 2 Piece Fry Pan Set 8

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Whether you’re cooking eggs for breakfast or making a stir fry for dinner, you want a frying pan that food won’t stick to and has high enough sides to keep it from spilling out when stirring. And while that doesn’t seem like such a big thing to ask for, it really is. There are many frying pan sets available, but only a few that meet such high standards. But one brand always exceeds expectations.

All-Clad is well-known for crafting excellent cookware, but as a result, its prices are often high. Not right now though. These All-Clad nonstick frying pans are almost 50% off at Amazon, an amazing deal worth grabbing before it’s gone.

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 2 Piece Fry Pan Set 8, 10 Inch Induction Pots and Pans, Cookware Black


To buy: All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Set, $56 (originally $110) at amazon.com

This two-piece frying pan set from All-Clad includes one 8-inch and one 10-inch pan. They are made of highly durable hard-anodized aluminum and have three layers of All-Clad’s nonstick coating. Because of this construction, they heat up quickly and evenly, and food releases easily, allowing you to flip pancakes, whip up a chicken stir fry or saute vegetables effortlessly. And cleaning these pans is easy too. All-Clad recommends that the pans be hand washed with a mild soap and non-abrasive pad to preserve the quality and integrity of the pans.

But being easy to cook and clean with isn’t even the best part. There’s no need to use a ton of oil in these pans thanks to their nonstick coating. Plus, they work on all types of cooktops: gas, electric, and induction. They are even safe for up to 500°F, so you can throw them in the oven or broiler if desired.

This frying pan set has earned the praise of many Amazon shoppers, with over 6,800 five-star ratings for its quality and durability. One shopper wrote, “The quality of these pans is top-notch, and they make cooking a breeze.” They add that they “love cooking with these pans, and can’t imagine going back to anything else.”

Another reviewer says that they “had never found the perfect frying pan until now” and that ‘When it says nonstick — they mean nothing will stick, not melted cheese or morning eggs” and they add that they are “overjoyed” with these pans.

If you’re ready to switch up and toss old, scratched-up, or warped pans, go ahead and take the plunge on this frying pan set while it’s on sale for $56 at Amazon. These are sure to become a favorite in your kitchen.

At the time of publishing the price was $56.

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